About Me

Hi! I’m Rachel; married, no kids yet, and originally from Williamsburg, VA. When I’m not working my part-time day job, I’m an actor and screenwriter. I was blessed to play “Milly” in the independent film Summer of ’67 (to be released in 2018), and am cast as one of the leads in the upcoming zombie apocalypse web-series Remnant 13. I’ve also got a sci-fi/action short film of my own in the works, to be released in 2019. My husband of 2 years is from Germany, and we met at Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia while studying TV/Media/filmmaking. We currently live in Nashville, TN. I’m a pretty regular girl–I love anything outside, snowboarding, reading, science, weight lifting, Krav Maga, writing, traveling, meeting new people, and trying new things. I love to learn, and I plan to always be a student of something my whole life. I’m currently putting my focus on acting and writing while I recover, and then I plan to delve deeper into martial arts and strength training. Should be fun. 😉

Thanks for visiting my blog; happy reading!